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Journal of Hama University - Issue 4


Page number Resarcher Name Title
2 Dr. Ghazal Hamdoun  

prof. Dr. Fandy Al shaarany

Composite Resin’s Resistant modified by silver for Compressive strength (An In Vitro Study)
14   Dr. Hend Dabbeek

Dr. Khaled Kabbash

In Vitro Study to Evaluate The Height of The Pulp chamber and The Distance between Buccal Mesial Cusp Tip and Both Pulp Chamber Roof, Pulp Horn and Furcation in Primary Molars
29 Vet. Osama Alawaheeb  

Dr. Mohamad M. Katranji 

  Dr. Mahmoud Kweider

Determine Eimeria Stiedae Antigens (Oocyste and Sporozoite) in Rabbits
45 B.V.Sc Khaled. A. Khesruf.

PhD. Adnan. A. Al-Dakka.    

PhD. Aghar. N. Daas.

Evaluation of Cardiac Function in Arabian Horses using Ultrasound
58  Dr.Rama Al khouri Asst.

Prof. Dr.Ahmad Bourhan

Evaluation of Effect of Saliva pH Change on Release of Nickel and Chromium Ions from Orthodontic Wires (an In vitro study)
71 Dr. Morshed Kassouha

Nour Hammoudeh  

Ass. Prof. Chdi Soukkarrieh

Prof. Mahmoud Kweider

Simple methods of DNA, RNA extraction from Eimeria tenella Oocysts
83  Ahmad Delo

Dr. D. Tabbaa

Aerobic Composting of Municipal waste
99 Alboshi B.

Tarshah H.              

Estimation of Metabolisable Energy Values of Diets Containing Glycerin or Corn Starch to be used in Early Nutrition of Broiler Chicks
114 prof. Dr. Riad Kussaibati  .

Dr.Hasan Tarsha

Dr. Saad Al-Jijakly

Effect of Using Different Levels of Energy in Pre-Starter Diets of Broiler Chicks on Performance
126 Dr.Ali Kalthoum

Prof.Dr.Mouhammed Sabea AlArab



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