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Journal of Hama University - Issue 5




Resarcher Name



Fida Sarmini

Dr. Othman Nakkar

Dr.Abd Al kader  Mandow

The effect of weights on the return and risk of stock portfolios(Applied Study in the Amman Stock Exchange)


Ward kojan

Dr. Othman Nakkar

Dr.Abd Al kader  Mandow

Forecasting the Futuristic Directions of DWX Returns Using ARMA-GARCH Models


Dr. Ayam  Yassin

The possibility of using contractual budgeting as a tool for planning and controlling the investment budget Field study in lattakia city council


Raghad Hidary

Dr.Mohammad Daher

Develop Algorithm RSA to Ensure Authentication and Smooth Flow Data


Aisha Ziad Adi

Dr. Ayam Yassin

Prof. Dr. Kanjo Kanjo

The Impact of liquidity and Capital Adequacy and ownership percentage and debt rate of Private Insurance Companies in Syria “Case Study”


Khatam Haidar

Prof. Dr. Mousa AL  ghrer

Prof. Dr. Haythem Essa

Analytical Study of the Economic Role of the Public and Private sectors in Investment and Employment in Syria



Dr. Monzer Alhajj

Civil society organizations and necessity in the construction of the National State


Dr. Ahalam Alsheikh

The relationship between taxpayer and tax administration and its role in improving tax examination policies)A field study on tax examiners in some of the financial directorates in Syria)


Dr. Ayam Yassin

Mkarram  Mbaeed

The Extent of the Influence of Compliance with the Requirements of IAS 7 in Reinforcing the Importance of the Financial Analysis Indicators of a Bank’s Cash-Flow Statement- A Case Study of the International Bank for Trade and Finance-


Momena Faoor

Asst. Prof. Dr Asmahan Khalf

Dr. Othman Nakkar

The impact of the financial structure on the profitability of Islamic banks “Case study of the International Islamic Bank of Syria For the period (2010-2017)”


Ola Baghdady

Prof. Dr. Kanjo Kanjo

Dr. suliman mala

Evaluation of Commercial Banks’ Shares in Damascus Stock Exchange using Residual Income Model /RIM/


Mohammad Yamen Kawas

Dr.Mohammad Daher

I dentify Dotential for use of decision support systems to increase the effectiveness of banking performance ” Study in the Islamic banking sector”


Raiaan Samar AlFaisal

Dr. Feras Alashaqr   Dr.suliman mala

The role of Banking operation in facilitating SME Financing operations 

in Syria 



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