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Journal of Hama University - Issue 2

Journal of Hama University – Issue 2


Page number Researcher Name Research Title
2  Dr. Amjad Shaker    Eng. Ibrahim Abd aljlel Studying the effect of changing the parameters of Messy Genetic Algorithm on the Optimum Solutions in the design of Drinking Water
24  Dr. Ar. Jaklin Taktak         Ar. Ghaithaa Mazen Naeof Computer-Aided in Architectural Design Programs
41 Dr. Yasser ALHASSOUN      Dr. Ahmad Kurdi Building a Tow-Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor Drive System for Accurate Position Control
57  Eng. Ali Esmaeel         Dr. Radwan Dandah               Dr. Kasem Kabalan Implementation of Distributed File System on Object Group Platform “Jgroup”
67  Dr. Ahmad Kurdi Speed and Position Control of a Linear Piezoelectric Electric Motor Using Intelligence Controllers Fuzzy PID
84  Dr. Ramez ALKHATIB Comparative Study of Informatics Disciplines in the Syrian Universities
100  Eng. Sabah Al-Halabia       Dr.Ahmad Saeed Qassab Reconstruction Strategies after wars and disasters in Syria Study case – Hama city
120  Dr. Wissam Al-Hozwany Numerical study of crack propagation mechanism in steel gas pipe walls under periodical loads
134     Abdulhakim Shikho       Abdulkader Toma Economic Study of Cold-Formed Steel Sections With Rectangular Hollow Flanges In Comparison With Hot Rolled Steel Sections
149     Abdulhakim Shikho       Abdulkader Toma experimental comparison between the corrosion effect on the mechanical properties of hot galvanized zinc-coated non-galvanized cold-formed sheet metal

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