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Journal of Hama University - Issue 1

Journal of Hama University – Issue 1




Researcher Name Researcher Title
2 ALI AL-AHMAD, M.Z. and  MOUHSAIN, Y. Effect Effect of the Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids (Omega-3) on Postpartum Fertility and Energy Balance of Dairy Cows in Syria
19 Nassouh Malas

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ziad Sultan

Evaluation of Sickle Cell Anemia Effect on Dental and Periodontal Health Status in Children and Adolescents in Syria
32 Vet. Omran Faour                                                Dr. Yaser Alomar Epidemiological Investigation of Salmonella bacteria in broiler carcasses marked in Hama markets
48 Rafeef Hawash

Dr. Khaled Kabbash

“In Vitro Study for The Role of Saliva pH in Early Childhood Caries Prevalence (ECC) And Its Connection with Some Variables in Hama City”
65 Dr.  M.Z. Ali Al-Ahmad


The Effect of Addition of Glutamine on Frozen Semen during Breeding Season in Syrian Awassi Rams
77 Dr. Hazem Melly Prevalence Study on Ascaridia galli in Layers Chickens in Middle Region of Syria
88 Prof.Dr Mohammad Fadel

Dr. Khaled Houbbo

Effect of Infectious Bursal disease vaccine on  Immune Response of Newcastle Disease vaccine in broiler chicke
95 Prof.Dr Mohammad Fadel                                      Dr. Khaled Houbbo Study of pathological changes post vaccination by two different IBDV vaccines in broiler chickens
103 Dr. Ausama AL Henbazli

Prof. Dr. Yaser AL Omar

Epidemiological Study of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Hama City
119 Sahab Asaad Abo Kasem

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ziad Sultan

In Vitro Study to Evaluate the Effect of Saliva Contamination on Microleakage of Composite Versus Two Kinds of Glass Ionomer Cement Restorations in Primary Teeth

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